I try not to roar like a lion

I try not to roar like a lion
In the comment fields

I ask you as humbly as I can
For the attention we need

Baby Amitai, baby Ryan,
No one can name them all

The boys lost due to adults beliefs
That their genitals must be operated on

Who can forget them?
The boys lost

I know many can
I know so many who can

The silence of those who know
The silence of good people who know

It can wear a lion out
It fails our boys so bad

The amputations on our healthy boys
Are amputations of our human rights
And medical ethics
And equality
And law
The very core principles
For a society to be safe and free

A last roar or a ridiculous whimper
Will you laugh, turn away or listen and support?

Humans remember the best
The emotions we feel

If my words feels like pain to you
Try to imagine the pain made to boys

Who cannot speak up for themselves
Some are silenced forever

Even when they die
The injustice done to them is not acknowledged

I am unable to forget you, boys
So I suffer the pain of circumcision too

I suffer with you
Hoping that is not all I can do

Adults, please circumcise your imagination
If you believe it is harmless and ok
To practice genital cutting on children

You can do it
Without a scalpel
And no child or human will suffer

Please embrace the imagination
Of universal, inalienable and
Indivisible human rights

Practice them fully
To not disriminate and harm again

Are you a human rights defender, a victim of genital cutting or someone who regrets having circumcised someone?

There are many complainants and regretful people. Please search for intactivists. Here is one good page for your support. And there are many more.